Our first London meet up where we enjoyed an exclusive mastermind session with Niyc Pidgeon, launch strategy with the inspiring Lisa Pezik and Afternoon Tea with our incredible members…

It’s been such a busy time at Female Success Network but on Saturday we totally had one of the most rewarding feelings in business so far!

Want to know what on earth happened? Well… Saturday should have been THE day when 8 International Speakers took to the stage for the what was set to be the “Ultimate Success Event for Female Entrepreneurs” and Abi’s debut collaboration book “SHE MADE IT MADE HAPPEN” (which has since become a #1 Best Seller in Multiple Categories…. yayyy!!) was celebrated and launched.

Sounds amazing? Yeah, we were SO excited! Hotels were booked, travel arrangements made, childcare sorted, meet-ups and the glad-rags were packed! Abi & I had even created all the goody bags which included a personalised FSN tote bag, workbook, pen, bookmark and notebook for everyone who had booked via our recommendation. Quite an investment for everyone involved I’m sure you’ll agree?

Then came the shit-storm…. “due to un-foreseen circumstances” the event host had to cancel with just a few days to go…. Holy-fuck-a-moly! What to do? We had SO many people attending (as we had helped promote what was set to be an incredible event), it was too late to get refunds, cancel plans and more importantly this wasn’t about us – it was about every single person looking forward to feeling inspired and creating an action plan for success in 2018!

Shocked? Yes.
Devasted? No.
Defeated? You’re kidding right?


Within 20 minutes of hearing the news, Abi had recorded a personalised video explaining the situation and re-assuring everyone that WE WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Instincts kicked in and we immediately set to work on providing guests with a solution.

It could have been so easy to waste time complaining and feel disappointed but that’s just not us! Abi & I decided to drop everything we were supposed to be working on (meant to have been launching, promoting and re-opening the doors to our members area) so that we could MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Our first call was to our Success Coach, Niyc Pidgeon, who was also the keynote speaker at the event and was travelling from South Africa! We weren’t surprised that our gorgeous friend had exactly the same opinion – what can we do to not let all these ladies down?

Within 24 hours Niyc had planned a complimentary Morning Mastermind alongside Lisa Pezik and Abi & I had arranged/paid for an exclusive London venue, Tea Party, for a private dining experience where everyone enjoyed bubbles, traditional lemonade and a beautifully FSN themed Afternoon Tea with our compliments. Yes, everyone received ALL this for free – because THAT’s how we role!

That’s why we will always stand out from the crowd. We are ‘heart led’ and we will always have everyone else’s best interests at heart. We care. FACT.

We could be panicking right now as we should be have been trying to attract new members, create some income to make FSN sustainable and building our business for 2018 but we took the decision to invest (financially & time) in our members instead. Guess what? WE HAVE NO REGRETS!

Just LOOK…

What people are saying…

Pretty cool huh?

What you can see above was created within a matter of DAYS and I’m sure you’ll agree – it’s been nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Want to know what’s even more AMAZING? The feedback, gratitude and support from each and every person who attended Saturday’s event has been mind-blowing!

The day started with best selling author, Niyc Pidgeon, who hosted a mastermind workshop to help 40 female entrepreneurs work on their plans for 2018. Then we were treated to a launch strategy masterclass with Lisa Pezik who literally wow’d the room with her energy and top tips for launching anything you’re working on right now!

Then it was our turn to end the day in style… we treated everyone to private dining experience at the exclusive London venue, Tea Party. The owner, Samantha had totally transformed the room into a Female Success Network Themed Tea Party where we were treated to bubbles and a scrumptious Afternoon Tea!

The room looked BEAUTIFUL! Everyone received their goodie bag and each guest had their own individual place card setting which was lovingly created by our dear friend, Kelly at Paper Hearts.

LEARNING: We had two choices in this situation:

1. We could have just let everyone get their refund and leave everyone feeling a little let down or disappointed with the whole experience
2. We could make it happen

WE MADE IT HAPPEN and became part of the solution instead of the problem…

We came together,
Laughed together,
Learned together,
But best of all CELEBRATED together

“Alone we have power, Together we have force…”

You see not all things in business are focused around money, the value you have in serving others is priceless. That’s why when you become part of our community, we really do mean it when we say “we have your back…”

Thank you to everybody who made it to London on Saturday, whether you flew in from Italy, South Africa, Jersey, or traveled from a few miles along the road – your presence made this event so extra special.

Thank you for trusting us and being the supportive tribe that continue to inspire us to bring you MORE in 2018.

With thanks & gratitude on behalf of EVERYONE who made Saturday possible…

Sarah, Abi & the team at FSN x

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Now… let’s talk about YOUR future SUCCESS!


We’re waiting for YOU… We specialise in helping female entrepreneurs and any woman looking to achieve their version of success in Iife and business.

We attract women in business. Passionate, driven entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and women who have dreams and aspirations but need the clarity, strategy and clear goals to make their vision take shape.

Our goal is to not only to provide you with fresh ideas, a creative way of achieving your version of success and getting you the results you’re after…. but we also want to make your experience working with us so incredible that you’ll never want to go anywhere else.

If ANY of this makes you feel like ‘I NEED THIS’ – you’re in the right place lovely!



A monthly membership of SO much valuable content and a tribe of people who have your back! Collectively we will help you make actionable steps to your version of success in life, relationships, business and career.


You will receive an 1:1 session with both Abigail & Sarah where they dive deep into your business and help you put a strategy in place for the future of your business and YOU!

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As a member you will receive monthly learning materials, access to masterclasses, live training and be supported via our online community.

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You’ll be welcomed in to our private Facebook group where you’ll receive even more valuable content, connect with other members & get additional support.

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I joined the Membership as I had a gut feeling it was going to be incredible and just what me and my business needed. I wasn’t wrong, it has been amazing. In such a short period of time I have grown in confidence, been given incredible advice and support and made some new besties. Abi and Sarah are incredible and just want to support you and help you and your business grow. I cannot stress enough how life changing FSN is. Laura Moss


I took a little while to decide to join Female Success Network as I wasn’t sure if my business was too specific and if I was ready to push it to the next level. A chat with Abi really helped to clarify my aims for the next 12 months. How grateful I am already that I made the decision to sign up. I feel both challenged and supported and that is a great place to be. Exciting times ahead. Linda Mawle

Children’s Physiotherapist

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What is a Strategy Call?
A strategy session is a 60-minute virtual session with us both and we will dig deep into what you’re creating with your business, provide you with idea’s, inspiration and strategy to help you achieve your objectives.
What Will I Receive?

Prior to your bespoke session with us, you’ll complete a pre-call questionnaire so that there’s no fluff and we don’t waste any time getting into what you need for your business. Your package includes;

  • A 60-min bespoke virtual strategy session with us both (Abigail and Sarah)
  • Recording of the session that you can have lifetime access to / replay at any time
  • A written strategy report of our recommendations with links to any tools or resources we recommend
  • Direct email access for one week after our session to ask questions
As soon as you have purchased a Strategy Call, we will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a mutually convenient day/time and run through what you can expect. 

Of course!

We offer discounts on larger packages, business packages for the workplace and bespoke requests so contact us if you’re interested in buying 4 sessions or more.

I've been in business a while, will this help me?

Yes! Want to know why?

As your business grows, you can easily ‘out grow’ your current strategy (did you even have a strategy or were you winging it?). Despite what you might have heard, there is no “secret sauce” that works for everyone. Our strategy sessions begin with a bespoke approach to where you are right now and where you want to be compared to how we can help improve your overall business (and life!) goals. We will confidently help inspire opportunities for growth and put a plan in place for it’s  implementation.


This is definitely for you if;

  • You need help to pursue your idea / passion
  • You are ready to learn
  • You have the energy and passion to succeed

This may not be for you if;

  • You’re not ready to make an investment in your future
  • You don’t think you’re a fit with what we’re offering or trying to achieve
  • If you are an active FBO then please be aware that our services are not marketed for use by FBOs and that we are aware of, and fully respect, your Company’s policy. Should you be seeking any support or guidance with your network marketing business then we recommend that you contact the Company direct for their advice and that you refrain from any further use of this site.

How nice is that!?! YES! Of course. We can create a gift voucher or contact the lucky lady who is going to receive this.
We’d love to help make this as special as possible so make sure you contact us with all the details when you’ve purchased the package and we’ll get our heads together.

HUSBAND’S TAKE NOTE; You will get SERIOUS BRUCEY BONUS POINTS if you purchase this for your special lady!!

Why Should I Become A Member?

We provide you with the best resources & support on how to build, grow and sustain a business you love. You’ll hear from some pretty amazing entrepreneurs and with our supportive community, you will get to actionable steps which you can take away and use in your business from the moment you join.

If that’s not enough, we’re pretty fun to hang out with too!

What Will I Receive As A Member?
As soon as you become a member, you will receive your own login details and gain access to learning resources, live masterclasses, instant downloads and a monthly bundle of brilliance for your business. You will also receive access to our private ‘members only’ Facebook group so that you can continue learning and get additional support from our friendly community.
How Will You Support Me?
As a member of the Female Success Network, you don’t only have learning resources and support from Abigail & Sarah – you also receive a VIP invite to our private Facebook group where we continue the topic discussions, provide feedback and continue to support each other in a safe place where no question is considered ‘silly’.

Once you have purchased your Strategy Call, you’ll receive an email inviting you to complete our Strategy Call Questionnaire and we’ll ask you when you want to meet (virtually) to have your strategy session.

When we receive your questionnaire, you may hear from us with a few questions before our scheduled time so that we can make the most of our time together.

You’ll have the call with us (normally around 1 hour) and you’ll come away with tons of inspiration, vision for the future, clarity and invaluable insights. We’ll then follow up with the recording and your personalised strategy planner so that you can implement everything.


As a member you can cancel your membership at any time. We feel that we’ve created a platform and community where you feel so welcome – you’ll never want to leave.

If you’re a Strategy Mastermind member, you will receive and be required to sign a contract due to the substantial nature of the programme.



The whole point of Female Success Network is to bring together women from all around the world to connect, collaborate, learn and achieve success together. Regardless of where you are in the world, you will be welcomed into our friendly community (just excuse our accents, OK?)


Once we give you the nuggets of information, advised strategy and approach for your business, the results will greatly depend on the actions you take after our strategy session. As such, we are unable to make any specific guarantees about the results you’ll achieve.

At the beginning of your strategy call we will all mutually agree on the objectives for your call, highlight everything at the end and you will receive a copy of the strategy planner so that you can use the information to plan and implement. 

I can honestly say It’s been sheer Brilliance! Honest, Focussed, Knowledgeable, Support Network, Accountability and so so much more I could say – Thank you so much for hosting this amazing group! Jo Gilbert


Joining FSN was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I had a business idea, but I was lost. A friend told me about FSN and after watching some of the trainings Abi & Sarah posted in their group, I instantly felt like I’d found what I was looking for.
The support, advice and knowledge between the team is out of this world! If you’re not part of their membership yet, I can’t recommend it enough!

Demi Price

Mindset Coach

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